Portable Cyber Security Box - Protection from all Cybersecurity threats

The Security Box

Security Box allows you freedom to work at home, at co-working place, during travel. Just connect with USB power of your laptop and work with peace of mind. Having dual connectivity for internet - USB and Ethernet, while wirelessly connect with built-in secure Access point to connect multiple computers and sharing secure internet with data security & protection of critical data for businesses. Being online and yet staying away from cyber attacks is the FORTE of Security Box.



denial of service attacks ddos introduction

A denial of service attack (also known as DoS) is an attempt to make a device (computer or any other device attached to a network) unavailable by either completely shutting it down or making it slow, thus making the resource unavailable to the intended users. Sometimes a large number of computers are involved in an attack (forming a Botnet), that attack are known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks.

Recent DoS attacks victims were some of the big names including Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and the list goes on.

Although a DoS attack, doesn’t generally breaches the target organisation’s security (in most of the cases, by causing a server overload), though it does causes it heavy damage, by not being available to the legitimate users. The consequences can be worse, if the victim is a Bank or Payment Gateways.