Network Monitoring in a Box - Proactive Security for NextGen

The SecurityBox - NetMon

NetMon SecurityBox is a robust network management system based on opensource linux with a combination of Network appliance and the application based on linux. It is light & stable, handy & secure and does all the proactive security measures of maintaining 100% uptime of network resources. Network Management is often misunderstood as optional measures but when it comes to security, it is the first step towards securing businesses. Our solution requires less space, neglible cabling and cost effective affordability. It has a modern pre-configured, customized and ready-to-deploy Nagios Core image designed to run on low-cost device. At its core NEMS is a lightweight Debian Buster deployment optimized for performance, reliability and ease of use.

Social engineering case scenarios

Case Scenario 1:

For example, Ashley gets a call from his network administrator, saying that they are performing regular updates to their database. He also says that in order to get her information updated in the database else they may could mistakenly lose her information , she needs to execute certain commands on CMD. Ashley, being a housewife, with not much technical knowledge about the computers, willingly does as it was said by the network administrator.

What Actually Happened: The attacker exploited the trust Ashley had on her network administrator, and pretended to be him, and tricked Ashley to disable her firewall, which she thought to be an important step in order to keep her connection up and running.

Case Scenario 2:

Bob, an employee of the target organization, gets an email from his boss, asking him to prepare a report on the attached file, as soon as possible. Bob, takes this as an important and urgent matter, and opens the attachment, which pops up an error, and shows a message saying the file is corrupted.

What Actually Happened : The Attacker collected information about the target organization from the website and other sources, and came to know that Shane Roberts is the boss of Bob, who is an employee in that organization. He later sends a fake e-mail pretending to be Shane, and asked Bob to open up an attachment, which in fact was a Trojan. He later used that Trojan to get access to other machines on the same network, and was successful in compromising the security of the whole organization.

An attacker may also think of walking physically into the organization’s premises and try to pose as an employee (if it’s a big scale organization) or an outsider (if it’s a small organization) and try to establish connection with the other members.