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The Security Box

Security Box allows you freedom to work at home, at co-working place, during travel. Just connect with USB power of your laptop and work with peace of mind. Having dual connectivity for internet - USB and Ethernet, while wirelessly connect with built-in secure Access point to connect multiple computers and sharing secure internet with data security & protection of critical data for businesses. Being online and yet staying away from cyber attacks is the FORTE of Security Box.



Wireless hacking introduction & challenges

  1. Introduction

    In the present day, wireless networking technology is gaining more and more popularity due to its cost effectiveness and convenience .Most of the modern gadgets that we see have WLAN support  with it by default. WLAN or the wireless local area network allows users to access the digital resources from anywhere near the vicinity of it .These advantages has made WLAN more popular, now more and more vendors are coming out with compatible hardware at reasonable prices .These vendors follow a standards such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.'s or IEEE's 802.11X.These days we all are hooked to one or more wifi devices like phones,laptops, PDA's ,wireless keyboards etc.


    The advantages of the wireless media has led to mass adoption of the WLAN technology. That is why WLAN has been integrated with all commonly used devices like laptops, mobile phones, tvs and other embedded devices. These devices provide you with a gateway to connect to the internet.

    Challenges in a wifi network :-

    The convenience of the WLAN poses security risks that do not exist in the wired world. The first and the foremost thing is how can we protect something that we can't see or feel. You might be surrounded by a wireless network but you can't see or feel it using any of your human senses. Another issue with the wireless network is that it has no specific boundaries. That mean if you have a wifi setup in your home, it doesn't restrict the wifi network to your home only, and it might be accessible outside the perimeters of your house. There is nothing much you can do to limit the vicinity of the wifi network. The user can access the wifi network from anywhere in the vicinity of the network. Now this possess a security threat as an attacker can be sitting anywhere in the vicinity of the wifi network or he may be sitting away and use an antenna to communicate with the various wireless devices in your network. This way it is hard to determine the location of an attacker. The sniffing attacks which is a kind of passive attack in which the attacker only collects(sniffs) the packets which are going in the air can be performed from miles away using a directional antenna.