Train your Team against Cyber Threats

Cyber Crimes in current world has become more advanced and sophisticated and would continue growing exponentially as more and more devices are getting connected online over time. Whether we look past 5 years or go beyond today 5 years, we continue to remain vulnerable to 90% of total Cyber crimes, though this could have been minimized to zero if we would have taken care to deal with overcoming the attacks generating from within the organisation. There are two reasons for first due to ignorance and second due to bad intent. Our hardware kit supported with valuable tools would slash down such disasters to zero through proper training and protection

How our Kit plays vital role in combating Cyber Threats

Our Simulation kit comprise of Security Box which isolates completely from public network and have total internal protection secluded to private network only. A machine with our Kali stick is meant to attack the internal network by demonstrating all possible mistakes the humans make out of ignorance and stupidity. It demonstartes handson different scenarios which an online user faces on daily basis that needs due attention and training to combat. The best part is that the violators of the best practices in CyberSecurity can easily be caught and hence different assessment policies can be applied effectly in any organisation. Besides the Security Box does all protection from the vulnerabilities and gaps open while remaining online.

Number of Participants in Cyber Security Simulation Kit

For kit that we ship nearly 10 numbers can participate in groups but technically infinite but to get the best out the training 4 number of participants are recommended per kit. The entire sessions involve wirelessly avoiding any chance of cabling challenges. It has been aclaimed by different verticals as one of the best trainings to combat cyber threats. We look forward to your participation by ordering a kit to start with. However we arrange on-site training to your staff subject to minimum of 10 participants on chargeable basis.